M2MV Core Practice Areas

M2MV is a consulting firm which provides services to clients enabling them to take advantage of the rapidly growing business opportunities presented by M2M and the internet of things. What sets M2MV apart is that M2MV focuses on business success rather than technology.

The current global economic inflexion point places unprecedented demands on enterprises of all sizes to quickly take bold new approaches for productivity gains from business processes. Machine-to-Machine Communication or M2M is the bridge to these gains. Let the minds that created M2M lead your company on a journey to new levels of productivity.

Four key offerings:

Enterprise Solutions

For enterprises, the technical components of M2M solutions have been available for a number of years. However, until now most M2M implementations have languished due to a complex value chain, unclear business cases, and an excessive attention on technology, rather than focusing on business drivers. M2MV navigates clients through this complex value chain and enables them to evaluate the opportunity and realize the productivity gains that M2M offers.

The starting point for M2MV and its enterprise clients is the strategic business plan for implementing a productivity or revenue enhancing project based on an M2M solution. M2MV’s experienced team of M2M veterans, in partnership with the client, design organizational and process modifications to existing structures ensuring a successful solution launch. Once the client has committed to the M2M implementation, M2MV offers project definition, management and implementation services, as well as recruiting and staffing.

Market Expansion

As regulatory and economic conditions change and the need to remain competitive continues to increase, M2M technology and service companies are expanding operations to new geographic and vertical markets.

Companies expanding into new markets can ease their voyage and accelerate their presence by partnering with M2MV and its unique team of professionals who have the experience and relationships required to successfully execute market expansions.

Market expansion goals are achieved via M2MV acting as a sales agent for the client or through establishing legal entities, recruiting staff, generating strategic market plans and providing public relations guidance. The breadth and structure of the services are designed to enable the client to effectively scale the launch of operations in an evolutionary manner, evolving over time from M2MV acting as an agent to the final phase where a fully operational legal entity is formed, established, owned and operated by the parent company.

Mergers & Acquisitions

As the M2M industry continues to grow and evolve, merger and acquisition activity is accelerating. Investors need trusted advisors who understand the complexity and unique dynamics of M2M and can accurately evaluate investment opportunities. M2MV has a solid background in assessing these opportunities and offers investors a portfolio of merger and acquisition advisory services including strategic business and market analysis; cultural, organizational and competency assessment; and merger activity plan development and management.


No matter the industry, identifying the right individual to complement your team can be a challenging process. The challenges are even greater in M2M due to it being a complex industry that is rapidly changing and requires knowledge of long, fractured value chains as well as enabling technologies, business drivers, and segment specific concerns.

M2MVocation, offered in partnership with Leadmark Group, increases the probability of recruitment success by combining the experience and competencies required to successfully recruit team members for M2M focused functions. Leadmark Group provides a strong nationwide basis of professional recruiting and staffing services while M2MV identifies and reviews the sometimes esoteric experience and skills required for successful candidates for positions across the vertical segments of M2M.

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