About M2MV


M2MV is a consulting firm positioned to help clients benefit from the opportunity provided by the rapidly growing M2M industry. M2MV offers consulting services to clients in the various links of the M2M value chain facilitating an accelerated time-to-market for M2M products and services.

M2MV specializes in the strategic and business dimensions of M2M deployments, while partnering with technology based companies to provide services. M2MV has chosen this approach because in the firm’s experience, the technology required to successfully develop and deploy an M2M solution has been available for a number of years. What has been missing is the vision and knowledge of how to deploy M2M solutions which is M2MV’s niche.

The issues that have held back mass deployment and acceptance of M2M solutions have been much more business related. These business related issues include:

  • Complex value chain that is required to assemble a total solution
  • Lack of business process knowledge related to M2M applications within the enterprise
  • The enterprise’s need to focus on its core, existing business offerings (innovators’ dilemma)
  • M2M projects being originated or managed by technology departments, thus limiting the full potential impact the projects might have otherwise had if mapped to the companies’ strategic business initiatives
  • Management and investors not being cognizant of the unique M2M specific business, time-to-market, sales, and launch cycles, leading to negative deviations to ROI assumptions

Our Mission

M2MV’s mission is to provide a full suite of consulting services leveraging the vast experience of its team in the M2M and wireless data industries. The goal is to facilitate the accelerated uptake in M2M applications across multiple vertical segments, including: pay-as-you-drive insurance, sub-prime auto and equipment sales and leasing, remote device management, automated meter reading, fleet management and logistics, and security. M2MV will achieve this mission with relentless and unwavering attention on the strategic business drivers and processes required to ensure business success with technological solutions being the means in which to achieve business goals.

Our Vision

Wide scale integration of the nearly unbounded benefits of M2M into existing business models will be the next great leap forward in global business productivity and efficiency. M2MV firmly believes that within the next decade M2M applications will be the key driver in the world’s next economic growth surge as was the PC at the end of the last century.

Why M2MV?

M2MV is firmly grounded in both strategic planning and execution. The team has deep international experience and has started several successful market-facing organizations with either a global or regional footprint. The team has extensive know-how in executing all facets of the developmental stage of organizations including: formation of legal entities, development of initial business plans, development and execution of go-to-market models, recruiting and staffing, market plans, brand building, forecasting, channel development, and sales training.

Additionally, the key executives of M2MV have a vast contact list in the M2M space and possess well developed personal brands within the industry. The team has had multiple featured speaking engagements and trade press article bylines each year since the mid-1990’s.

The team at M2MV has always been engaged in a “discussion” with the broader industry, attempting to bring clarity to a highly complex value chain while avoiding selling or “pitching” products when given the opportunity to participate in conferences or provide input to industry related articles. The team believes this approach is critical to capture “mindshare” and to be viewed as industry experts as opposed to being knowledgeable of a particular company’s products or services.

This industry approach has uniquely positioned the members of M2MV to be a driving force in the next phase of M2M application adoption. M2MV is the vehicle by which the team will continue its involvement in the industry. Validation of M2MV strengths and competencies can be confirmed via a listing of the industry awards and honors earned by the M2MV team:

  • M2M Magazine Pioneer 2004
  • Winner of the Telematics Update Magazine 2005 Leadership Award
  • M2M Magazine Pioneer 2008
  • Member of the Board of Directors and Treasurer for the Payment Assurance Technology Association in 2008

Download Capabilities Statement (PDF)

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