Solutions for Investors and Merger & Acquisition Participants


The merger and acquisition (M&A) process can be slow, difficult and often unsuccessful without the consultation from outside expertise.  As the machine-to-machine (M2M) industry continues to grow and evolve, with M&A activity accelerating, investors need trusted advisors who understand the complexity and unique dynamics of M2M and can accurately evaluate investment opportunities.

As a specialized M2M strategic consulting firm, M2MV has the expertise and resources to identify and assess target M2M companies and synergies around the world.  Through the M2MVenture practice area, investors can accurately evaluate and assess M2M investment opportunities:

  • Identify synergies and facilitate introductions and negotiations
  • Develop strategic business and market analysis of the opportunity
  • Provide cultural, organizational, and competency analysis
  • Develop and manage M&A activity plan

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