M2MV, through its members and contributors, has a rich and vibrant history on the publishing and public speaking circuits.

M2MV has made signifcant and relevent contributions since the dawn of SMS and analog control channel data communication, and has continued to do so throughout the years into today’s vast world of wireless-digital media interconnection technology.

M2MV is an amalgamation of the industry’s top minds working together to guide the development of this energetic space for over 15 years. With a combined ideological drive, M2MV has consistently broken the boundaries of sole commercial interest, positioning themselves as educators to key industrial segments.

As a result, M2MV has played an important role in the evolution of M2M from the early “science project” days all the way to the multibillion dollar industry it’s due to become.

Below is a summary anthology of the M2MV team’s contributions to the cause of the internet of things.

List of M2MV Works by Year

2010 | 2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2005







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