Consulting Opportunities

M2M Consultants

M2MV is a consulting firm positioned to help clients benefit from the opportunity provided by the rapidly growing M2M industry. M2MV offers consulting services to clients in the various links of the M2M value chain facilitating an accelerated time-to-market for M2M products and services. The firm specializes in the strategic and business dimensions of M2M deployments, while partnering with technology companies to provide services. This approach was selected because in the team’s experience, the technology required to successfully develop and deploy an M2M solution has been available for a number of years. The key weakness preventing large-scale success has been a chronic inadequacy in vision and knowledge of how to deploy M2M solutions which is M2MV’s core value proposition.

If you have the vision and experience to take clients to new levels of productivity, then we are looking for you! M2MV is currently accepting resumes for experienced professionals interested in joining the firm’s premier network of M2M consultants.

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