Solutions for Market Expansion


Current regulatory and economic conditions along with rising competition make it a necessity for M2M companies to look at expanding operations into new markets. Market expansion projects require solid experience and effective strategies if they are to achieve organizational goals. Companies expanding into new markets can ease into their voyage and accelerate their presence by partnering with M2MV and its world-class team of professionals boasting the experience and relationships required to successfully execute market expansions.

Whether the client is an overseas company looking to break into the Americas region, or a technology based start-up with limited strategic marketing experience, the M2MVoyage offering is designed to establish strong brand recognition leading to sales success.

  • Business plan development
  • Development of strategic market plans
  • Competitive analysis
  • Public relations support
  • Establishment of  legal entities
  • Recruiting and staffing
  • Organizational development

M2M market expansion goals are achieved with M2MV acting as a sales agent for the client or through establishing legal entities, recruiting staff, generating strategic market plans and providing public relations guidance. The breadth and structure of the services are designed to enable the client to effectively scale the launch of operations in an evolutionary manner, evolving over time from M2MV acting as an agent through the final phase where a fully operational legal entity is formed, established, owned and operated by the parent company.

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