Enterprise Solutions


M2M applications provide enterprises with an opportunity for massive productivity gains, potential new revenue streams, and strategic advantages over their competitors. However, implementing an M2M project is a daunting prospect given the need to bring together components from a complex and rather large value chain while meeting the requirements of all participants.

For example, selecting a network service provider is a critical link in the value chain, and in North America, obtaining network approval from the operator is required before deploying the solution.  Understanding these requirements and the knowledge of how to navigate the process is crucial to a successful and timely launch of an M2M solution.

M2MV provides clients with the experience required to lead enterprises through this critical and complex value chain assembly endeavor while focusing on core business needs, thus assuring a smooth integration of M2M applications into existing processes. Enterprises can realize the next wave of productivity gains that M2M affords through the M2MVision offering:

  • Strategic business analysis of the M2M application being considered
  • Value chain assembly
  • Vendors selection assistance
  • Business plan generation for the post-launch M2M application including development of processes and metrics

The starting point for M2MV and its enterprise clients is the strategic business plan for implementing a productivity or revenue enhancing project based on an M2M solution. M2MV’s experienced team of industry veterans, in partnership with the client, design organizational and process modifications to existing businesses ensuring a successful solution launch. Once the client has committed to the M2M implementation, M2MV offers project definition, management and implementation services.