M2MV and Leadmark Group Announce a Strategic Partnership to Provide Professional Placement Services for the Highly Specialized Machine-to-Machine Industry

Raleigh, NC – November 9, 2010 — M2MV, a machine-to-machine (M2M) business strategy consulting firm, and Leadmark Group, a national recruiting organization, today announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership to offer M2MVocation, a professional placement service for the highly specialized M2M industry. Under this agreement, M2MV will serve as the M2M recruiting arm of Leadmark Group thus creating a unique M2M focused practice that leverages Leadmark’s expertise in full-service recruiting and M2MV’s deep understanding and relationships in M2M.

“As Leadmark’s core recruiting practice began seeing an increased demand for placement opportunities from companies pursuing the vision of a smarter planet via applications such as smart grid, smart metering, telematics, and connected devices, we sought to expand our practice and enrich our relationships within these areas,” said Matt Anderson, President of Leadmark Group. “The vast experience of M2MV’s leadership team and its associates makes the firm an ideal partner for expanding into M2M recruiting services.”

“The driving force behind M2MV is – and has always been – to maximize our client’s ROI and business success. An essential part of that success is having the right people, in the right positions, at the right time,” states Roger Dewey, CEO of M2MV. “M2MVocation is a natural extension of our firm’s practice areas, and we are pleased to continue to serve the M2M community by launching M2MVocation in partnership with Leadmark Group.”

Whether seeking to identify top talent in management, engineering and development, operations, sales, or marketing, let the combined experience of M2MV and Leadmark Group connect you with impact players in machine-to-machine. For more information about M2MVocation, please visit www.m2mv.com/m2mvocation.

About Leadmark Group

Leadmark Group, a national recruiting firm specializing in architecture and engineering, is committed to providing customized service that aligns with client needs. The firm is recognized throughout the industry for their professional one-to-one relationships, extensive network of high-quality contacts, thorough understanding of client operations, and consistently delivering unmatched results through reliable and efficient service. Whether you are an employer seeking talent, or a candidate in search of opportunities, Leadmark Group is committed to matching impact players that deliver lasting results. For more information, visit www.leadmarkgroup.com.

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About M2MV

M2MV is one of North America’s fastest growing consulting firms, helping clients develop, launch and deploy new applications in the rapidly growing machine-to-machine (M2M) industry.

M2MV consulting services connect the various links across the M2M value chain facilitating an accelerated time-to-market for M2M products and services. M2MV specializes in the strategic and business dimensions of M2M deployments and is an active partner with numerous technology companies.

M2MV is bringing large-scale successes to diverse industries with its unparalleled vision and knowledge of M2M solutions and core values. For more information, visit www.m2mv.com.

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